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To the individuals he is campaigning against (the Republican establishment), he is only another politician. When you have as an outsider for President, you are supposed to be a kind of outsider. Trump is that right way. Public sector unions in Virginia are presently prohibited from accumulating membership dues through payroll deduction. Their voice has to be heard in the halls of power in Richmond. Do you support restoring the ability for unions to use payroll deduction for collecting payments and dues for the union?

Dan Helmer on Public Sector Unions. The primary priority of mine is strengthening the middle class of ours, including the teachers of ours. He was important in passing the Virginia Clean Economy Act (HB 1430), which aims to deliver Virginia to net zero emissions by 205. The commitment of his to environmental concerns is likewise evident in the support of his for community driven initiatives that guarantee huge businesses protect local environments when creating data centers (Dan Helmer for Congress).

This landmark legislation sets driven targets for reducing carbon emissions as well as transitioning to renewable sources of energy. Additionally, Helmer sponsored HB 2024, that mandates that just about all public sector buildings meet federal and state green and productivity standards (Dan Helmer for Congress). Helmer continues to be profoundly involved in environmentally friendly legislation. Also he does not make an effort to obtain the Republicans to prefer him.

He’s a Democrat, therefore he doesn’t see these helpful tips something wrong with telling folks, I am running against the establishment. Dan Helmer is in addition running as an outsider. Helmer has become a strong advocate for gun safety legislation, sponsoring a number of bills aimed at reducing gun violence. HB sixty six (2020): This bill aimed to cap out-of-pocket costs for insulin at 30 for a 30-day supply. HB 2295 (2021): This bill prohibited firearms in polling places as well as vote counting centers, aiming to further improve safe keeping during elections.

Improving healthcare access continues to be yet another focus of Helmer’s legislative work. HB 1737 (2023): Helmer sponsored legislation to expand Medicaid coverage for glucose monitors. “We is able to respect Second Amendment rights while simultaneously taking common sense steps to bring down gun violence and preserve our communities,” Helmer explained. HB 1909 (2020): Helmer co-sponsored legislation allowing localities to prohibit firearms in specific public spaces. Ensuring accessible and fair elections is important for Helmer: Dan Helmer’s legislative record mirrors his experience as a veteran and his campaign guarantees to focus on issues like healthcare, education, and gun safety.

Helmer has also advocated for environmental protection measures: HB 1859 (2021): This bill created an electric car grant program and fund to assist school boards in replacing diesel school buses with electronic powered ones.

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